Lessons/Pro Shop

Lessons for any age and ability!

Lesson program can be attended October – May,
9 – 9:45am Saturdays.


$40 which includes any type of skate rental or their own


Lessons begin the first Saturday of each month and continue
for the 4 weeks of that month. Each week progresses on the next. If you want to keep learning, you can sign up for the next month as skaters are grouped into beginner or intermediate.

If you sign up for lessons, you can skate for free Sunday afternoons to practice.

There are no make-up weeks. If you miss a lesson, then you get 3 weeks of instruction that month instead of 4. If there are 5 Saturdays in a month, they will let you know if they will have a bonus lesson on the 5th week but it’s not guaranteed.

If you have a really young skater, you can walk on the floor in your
shoes to help them if they are nervous.

If interested in our competitive arts team, please ask lesson crew or enquire with the rink.

Pro Shop

When you buy a pair of skates, you get 1 month of free skating!

Enhance your skating experience by purchasing your own pair of skates!

Rollarena carries an array of quad roller skates and speed skates for sale as well as wheels, bearings and other accessories.

The skates we sell are quality skates that are made to last with precision bearings and urethane wheels.

We have any parts for the skates we sell and will gladly fix them if needed.